Dental Hygiene For Infants

Dental Hygiene For Infants | Carolina Dental Arts | North Carolina

Parents sometimes ignore the dental health of toddlers and children. As they feel that these are temporary in nature and attention can be given once permanent teeth sprout. But dentist Apex will tell you that teeth have to be taken care of from infancy to ensure that permanent teeth are perfect.

Dental Hygiene For Infants | Carolina Dental Arts | North CarolinaMaintaining Dental Hygiene For Infants

Till the time your toddler is able to hold a toothbrush properly and clean teeth use a soft gauze jacket over your finger to clean out food particles from its mouth after every meal.

Baby Brush

Till your toddler understands the functionality of toothpaste gives them a soft bristle baby brush. Show by example how to clean teeth. Teach him to clean teeth with water after every meal that will avoid plaque accumulation.

Dental Hygiene Among Infants

During the infant’s first dental visit if the family dentist, Apex advises a special toothpaste or cleaning regimen to maintain dental hygiene then stick to that until its permanent teeth come. To avoid cavity issues ensure that the child brushes teeth twice every day and flosses every week. If you as a parent follow a healthy dental routine then your child is likely to follow similar habits.

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