Mom Discovers Trick to Whiten Teeth for $5 — For Real?

There is a certain Internet advertisement going around with claims to “Learn the trick, discovered by a mom, to turn yellow teeth white for under $5.”

Five dollars sounds like a great deal, and seems pretty legit. “Cathy Anderson” at (who just happens to be from Morrisville, North Carolina – wow! What a cool coincidence!) advises you to hit your teeth with a combination of two different teeth-whitening products, one right after the other. And, because the company provides free samples of their products, you only have to pay for the shipping.

Why this is a scam and how the scam works:

  1.  “Cathy’s” story is completely made up. Photos, details and testomonials have been “modified.” Cathy is not really from Raleigh. They have a program that says Cathy is from whatever city you are searching from. Do a search from a different city and bang, Cathy is from that city too! That girl really gets around!
  2. What is in these products? There is no real evidence that they have ever been checked out by a dentist. If Cathy isn’t even real, it puts the other “facts” in question!
  3. They have a deceptive offer — order two trial samples, then they have your credit card info and will charge an average of $200 every month until you cancel the card. I am sure they will send you something, but here is the fine print buried deep on the web sites:

“In the event you do not cancel within 10 days after you order your trial product, you will be automatically enrolled in our convenient home delivery plan and your credit card will be charged $92.37. Thereafter, 30 days from your initial order, you will be billed the monthly charge of $92.37 each month when product is sent to you.”

Multiple reports say that even when you call to cancel with in the 10 days, they will continue to charge your credit card. Consumers who’ve been duped have said online that the only way to get rid of these blood sucking vampires is to cancel the card completely.

The moral of this story is: If it is to good to be true, it probably is.

Before you jump into a possible scam, please go see a dentist in Raleigh to get the real scoop.

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