Carolina Dental Arts: Offering Dental Health & Patient Education from Raleigh to Goldsboro NC

For optimal dental health, you need a dentist who is not only interested in the beauty of your smile, but your overall health. Carolina Dental Arts is just what you’ve been looking for — it’s our priority to offer patient education in Raleigh & Goldsboro, all three of our  locations across North Carolina. In addition, our services are in the name of preventive care in order to deliver optimal dental health to all of our patients.

If you are a first-time patient, we ask that you provide a review of your medical history so we are informed of any medications, allergies or illnesses that may impact your dental health or what treatments we provide.

What is Preventive Dental Care?

At Carolina Dental Arts, our NC preventive dental care means that we provide patients with thorough dental exams to determine the overall health of your teeth. Regular professional cleanings, sealants and fluoride treatments are all very important to maintaining oral health. During regular dental exams, we check the condition of your teeth, gums and more, performing oral cancer exams and taking X-rays when needed. We think this is the best way to avoid periodontal diseases and other dental health issues.

In addition, our dentists and staff encourage our patients to not only take advantage of our preventive care services in Raleigh & Goldsboro, but taking care of your teeth in between visits can have a positive impact on your dental health. At home, brushing your teeth at least twice and day and flossing regularly can save you from cavities and other problems.

Schedule Preventive Dental Care Services in Raleigh & Goldsboro North Carolina

Are you ready to learn about the best ways to have a beautiful smile and maintain your dental health? Schedule an appointment at Carolina Dental Arts — we would love to assist you!

Carolina Dental Arts proudly offers dental patient education in North Carolina at our location in Goldsboro & also at both Glenwood South & New Bern Avenue locations in Raleigh