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Whether you’re looking for quality care for the entire family, or have a specific dental problem requiring immediate attention, Carolina Dental Arts will have you looking and feeling your best in no time!


Are you in need of a filling or suffering from periodontal disease? Would you like to improve your smile through teeth whitening or Invisalign®? Carolina Dental Arts can take care of all these needs and more. Our dentist offices in Raleigh, Goldsboro, and across North Carolina offer a variety of dental services.

At our dental practices, we hold ourselves to high standards in every aspect of your dental care, and certainly, that includes our procedures for treatment. Categorized by common problems & treatments, our dental procedures are performed by experienced, professional dentists who have your best interest and overall health in mind. Learn more about our procedures below.

Common Dental Problems & Procedures

While our team invests greatly in preventive dental care, sometimes dental issues are unavoidable. Tooth pain can make even simple tasks, like speaking or chewing, difficult to handle. Oftentimes, the cause is a common dental problem such as a cavity in need of restorative repair. Whether your dental x-ray reveals the need for a composite filing, an extraction, a crown, or even a root canal, one of our nearby dental practices can help. Carolina Dental Arts is here to treat your symptoms and get to the root of the problem, whether it’s fighting periodontal disease or performing a procedure to reduce the pain and begin the healing process.


Regular trips to the dentist are a crucial way to keep your smile healthy. In order to help our patients maintain beautiful smiles, Carolina Dental Arts offers a number of dental treatments. Providing services throughout North Carolina. Locally, in Raleigh on Glenwood Avenue & also in Raleigh on New Bern Avenue, as well as in Goldsboro on Graves Drive. Carolina Dental Arts works hard to support your dental health and keep your teeth shining brightly. We provide the following dental procedures in NC:

Reach Out to Carolina Dental Arts, NC Dental Services

If you are looking for dentists you can trust to provide high-quality dental procedures of all kinds, contact us to schedule an appointment and visit one of our dental office locations. We guarantee our patients will see an improvement in their dental health.

Carolina Dental Arts offers exceptional dental procedures in North Carolina at our locations across the state, including  Glenwood SouthGoldsboro, and New Bern Ave.

Rely on Our Professional Dentist Procedures Throughout NC


Our general dentistry services can keep your teeth clean, healthy, and bright. We offer routine cleanings, preventative dentistry, cavity detection, dental bridges, and digital x-rays.


Dental implants can restore the look and overall health of your smile. Our team can help you review your dental options and determine if dental implants are beneficial to fit you specific needs.


We offer emergency services for patients who require urgent dental services. Our team knows that when you are in pain, our skill and dedication to patient care can alleviate your discomfort and stress.


By providing several cosmetic options and customized care, we can ensure you leave our office standing stall and smiling wide. We make sure your teeth look as healthy and bright as possible.


Dental whitening is the most common cosmetic application in dental practices. Regular whitening is an important part of maintaining a great smile.


Treatment with Invisalign allows us to create a custom care plan for you and craft specific invisible retainers to fit your teeth.

Kathy Anders
Kathy Anders
Excellent staff and love my dentist and the ladies in the office! Mrs. Patsy is my favorite and Liz is second. They are all good at what they do. Keeping my smile and my teeth looking their best! Awesome as always!
Marian Malone
Marian Malone
Ashley who was my hygienist today did such a wonderful job on my teeth. I have gone in for cleanings before with other dentists in the area of Goldsboro and always come out with yellow teeth still.. I did not have any any kind of whitening done she just cleaned my teeth and I felt so good afterward .
Julian Edwards
Julian Edwards
Rodney Mealing Jr
Rodney Mealing Jr
The Staff and service were great. From scheduling to dental work done, everything went easy. Felt relaxed, would recommend their services.
Tisse Martin (Tisse)
Tisse Martin (Tisse)
Carolina Dental Arts staff & services are amazing. I called in as a new patient. They got me in and took care of my tooth the same day, with little waiting time. I was truly impressed. Thanks again CDA, see you guys soon ! 🤗
Janai Donyele
Janai Donyele
My name is Sharonda. And I have been going to Carolina Dental for years, this is my family, whom I love so much. So kind very considerate, and patient. God bless everyone that works there. Love u guys.
Ellen Barlow
Ellen Barlow
Friendly staff and Dr Taylor!! They really ease your anxiety!

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