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You want an attractive smile for yourself and every member of your family from the best dentist. At the same time, you want each great-looking smile to be a healthy one. At Carolina Dental Arts, we pride ourselves on helping our patients meet these goals. We provide exceptional dental care in multiple North Carolina locations suited to helping you achieve and maintain your best dental health. Among our key services is general dentistry, the foundation for every dental goal.

Carolina Dental Arts’ practice uses the latest techniques, equipment, and products. Using these methods and exceptional patient care, we provide you and your loved ones with the highest quality of dentistry. Through a positive and comfortable experience, everyone in your household develops a healthy dental routine. These good dental habits and outstanding care enable you to maintain a natural smile throughout your lifetime.

Exceptional general dental care is a partnership between our patients and the dental care team. We help you understand how to use healthy habits as part of each day. We also educate you about your individual needs, such as regular, professional cleanings to help your teeth and gums stay healthy for the long term. By working together and following through on your dental care needs, we also help you maintain your brightest natural smile for decades to come.

What is General Dentist?

Did you know that you need to visit your dentist more than any other healthcare provider? General dentistry is where overall disease prevention and great health begin. Almost two-thirds of all dental procedures are preventive or diagnostic care. Good oral health and hygiene are the keys to avoiding oral diseases and many physical health problems elsewhere in the body. Untreated dental problems cause pain, missed work or school, and much greater expense than preventive care.

General dentistry at the three North Carolina locations of Carolina Dental Arts starts with a thorough examination of your mouth and its structures. This examination includes your teeth, gums, and jaw, along with all of the soft tissues in and around your mouth. You also receive a professional dental cleaning. As part of your visit, your dentist and dental hygienist catch up with you by asking about your oral and physical health.

If your dental exam reveals tooth decay, you likely need a filling in that tooth. Other services you may need as part of your dental exams or follow-up care include:

A Family Dentistry Provides Many Different Dental Care Services….

As a patient of a general dentist, you receive the dental care that you need for good health and a great smile. This care and guidance come from extensive education, training, and experience.

Your dentist has completed a four-year undergraduate degree and four years of dental school. He or she also meets state licensing requirements, including continuing education, training and testing. As new techniques or technologies evolve, the dentist attends specialized training to advance skills in these areas.

Some of the services available to you through Carolina Dental Arts’ general dentistry include:


  • Preventative Care

Preventative care stops oral disease before it starts. Through routine six-month exams and services like dental X-rays, sealants and professional cleanings, you lay a foundation for your best oral health. As part of prevention, your home oral hygiene matters, too. Your dental care team helps you develop the right habits to maintain the care received in your dentist’s office.

When you experience dental decay or other oral health problems, you need timely treatment. At your twice-yearly visits, the dentist finds early signs of these problems and provides the restoration you need to get back on a better oral health track. Tooth decay is one such concern. Other restorative work includes treatment for a knocked-out tooth, periodontal disease, replacement of missing teeth and root canal therapy.

Carolina Dental Arts offers several cosmetic dental procedures. Including teeth whitening, the most sought-after elective dental service. Cosmetic bonding also helps you achieve a brighter smile. If you want whiter teeth or other smile improvements, talk to your dental professional about ways to achieve your goals.

  • General Wellness

Your oral health mirrors your overall physical wellness. Therefore, properly caring for your teeth and gums must first begin at home. We are always happy to assist our patients with proper oral hygiene information.

Your teeth and gums often show signs of general health problems, just as the opposite is true. Diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy complications can stem from untreated infection in your mouth. Obstructive sleep apnea is another problem identified and treated to save your life. Your dentist provides counseling about nutrition, how to quit smoking and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

When Do I Need To Go To The Dentist?

You should visit Carolina Dental Arts once every six months or more for a check-up and cleaning, as directed. Each six-month appointment provides the basic preventive care you need to maintain your healthiest teeth and gums. But if you suffer oral health problems, you likely need to attend focused visits for restorative care or other procedures.

All patients do not have the same oral health needs. So not all require the same schedule for visits. Whatever the recommended course of treatment provided by your dentist, it is important to follow their advice and practice good home oral hygiene. Together, you and your dentist’s office keep your smile healthy and looking its best.

General and Family Dentistry in Goldsboro, Durham, and Raleigh

Carolina Dental Arts have practices in multiple locations including two different Raleigh, NC locations as well as one in Durham and Goldsboro, NC. And all four of our dentist office locations treat patients of all ages, both kids and adults.

Since we provide the convenience of four locations in Durham, Wake, and Wayne Counties, scheduling your visit and getting back to your daily routine is much easier. Our friendly staff on New Bern Avenue and Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh or on Graves Drive in Goldsboro look forward to serving you.

It is important to us that you and your loved ones feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment. So, whether your children have been to the dentist many times, or need their first dental exam, our friendly staff helps them feel at ease. Treatment also takes place with affordability in mind.

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