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Medicaid Metal Braces

Carolina Dental Arts is pleased to offer our North Carolina patients a variety of options for teeth straightening, such as traditional braces and Invisalign. For patients with Medicaid, our offerings include Medicaid metal braces. This means more people than ever before have access to the same quality of orthodontic care.

Can I qualify for Medicaid metal braces?

The first step toward Medicaid metal braces is to receive an initial consultation from your dentist at Carolina Dental Arts. During this visit, your family dentist conducts a thorough exam. He or she then discusses your needs with you to determine the best pathway to receiving treatment. When braces are deemed medically necessary, Medicaid may cover your costs.

About Medicaid Dental and Orthodontic Coverage

Medicaid is affordable health and dental care provided by the federal government. This program is available to individuals and families with certain income restrictions. You may qualify for Medicaid metal braces, even if you have never applied for benefits before. Under the right financial circumstances, Medicaid enables children, adults, people with disabilities, pregnant women and elderly adults to receive dental care they could otherwise not afford.

When someone covered by Medicaid has medical need for teeth straightening or other orthodontic care, Medicaid metal braces are an option. In fact, these metal braces are the same as anyone else wears, regardless of the insurance coverage or payment method they use. If you or your child need braces, these benefits open doors to having a healthier smile and bite.

Besides Medicaid metal braces, people with this coverage receive early and periodic screenings, diagnostic care and treatment (EPSDT) services from their family dentist. Services Medicaid benefits cover include:

  • Routine dental exams and teeth cleanings
  • Restorative care
  • Pain management
  • Infection management or treatment

To find out if you are qualify, explore the Medicaid website or talk to one of the program’s representatives. Indeed, you can learn how to apply for these coverage and receive answers to other frequently asked questions. Talk to your Carolina Dental Arts dental office about Medicaid metal braces to learn whether these benefits can cover some of your costs.

What Makes Medicaid Metal Braces Medically Necessary

Establishing medical necessity is important for coverage of Medicaid metal braces under your benefits. Therefore, your dentist must examine your teeth and other aspects of your oral health to determine whether you need this treatment.

Reasons why Medicaid metal braces are medically necessary include:

  • Jaw issues
  • Cleft palate
  • Eating or chewing problems
  • Speech problems relating to teeth or jaws
  • Extreme overbite, underbite or crossbite
  • Outwardly protruding teeth
  • Impacted teeth with an eruption
  • Missing teeth from hereditary conditions

As you can see, there are a multitude of reasons why Medicaid metal braces are medically necessary. If one of these reasons apply to you or your loved one, Medicaid can possibly help pay for orthodontic treatment.

How much do braces typically cost?

The cost of braces is typically between $3,000 and $10,000 when paid for out-of-pocket. But it is not possible to quote one price for everyone, since each person’s individual needs are unique. The cost also depends on your insurance coverage or Medicaid benefits, of course. Other factors involved in the price of traditional braces include:

  • Length of wear
  • Broken or loose wires
  • Cracked brackets
  • Type of braces
  • Dental condition severity

People with Medicaid metal braces pay less for their teeth straightening than others. Those with private insurance typically pay about $3500 out-of-pocket with their insurance policy paying the rest.

Finally, if you do not qualify for Medicaid metal braces, we can help you find the best pathway to treatment through our affordable payment options. It is always our dentists’ goal to ensure our patients feel comfortable throughout their treatment. This includes finding the right payment solution.

Why visit Carolina Dental Arts for my Medicaid metal braces?

If you need Medicaid metal braces or any type of dental treatment, Carolina Dental Arts professionals want to provide that dentistry for you. Note that we have three dental office locations for your convenience.

Carolina Dental Arts dental office locations include:

At each of our dental offices, we stand committed to measuring up to our own high standards. Our mission includes the following priorities:

  • High standards for excellence in routine and emergency care
  • A positive experience for all of our patients
  • Patient education and prevention of oral health problems
  • Dentist training and expertise
  • Uncompromising safety

Not all patients qualify for Medicaid metal braces. But for those who do, these traditional braces provide the opportunity to achieve a straight, uniform and healthy smile. If you need options beyond Medicaid for your orthodontic treatment plan, you can also weigh the benefits of Invisalign and Six Month Smiles, along with traditional braces.

To learn whether you need orthodontic treatment or other dental services to achieve the smile of your dreams, schedule your first visit to Carolina Dental Arts today.