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Six Month Smiles

Carolina Dental Arts loves to see our patients leave our dental office with smiles. That’s why we offer Six Month Smiles in Glenwood South, Raleigh, NC, and beyond as part of our orthodontic services. Six Month Smiles is a clear braces system that can benefit patients of all ages. As they take just a portion of the time that traditional braces take to straighten teeth. Our orthodontists and patients alike love the results when they join our Six Month Smiles program — reach out to us to learn more today!

Try Our Alternative to Metal Braces in Glenwood South, Durham, Raleigh, NC & Beyond

While the usual time for wearing Six Month Smiles is six to nine months, many of our orthodontics patients have seen full results in as little as four months. If this option for orthodontic treatment doesn’t already sound good enough, these dental braces are clear. Tiny brackets and tooth-colored wires help this product to seamlessly blend into your teeth. In addition, our clear braces for adults and kids are easy to wear. Also, they feel much more comfortable than traditional braces.

Get a Straight Smile with Clear Braces from Carolina Dental Arts

Our orthodontists received extensive training in applying these clear braces in NC. Also, Carolina Dental Arts is a preferred provider for Six Month Smiles. If you are interested in getting a straight smile in a matter of months without compromising aesthetics, contact us about this orthodontic procedure. We would be glad to answer all of your questions and see if clear braces are right for you!
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Providing Six Month Smiles in NC to Patients of All Ages