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Treating Root Canal Pain from Goldsboro, NC

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At Carolina Dental Arts, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive dental care. Also, our ability to take care of all your dental health needs. Our root canal therapy in Raleigh is one of the best in the State. With our advanced procedures and state-of-art equipment, our team of experienced dentists can quickly relieve root canal pain and save a tooth that is dead, damaged or infected. As we keep our patients’ best interests as our top priority, we do everything we can to make your root canal treatment and recovery as rapid and painless as possible.

An infected tooth can often cause serious pain. However, you may not see a noticeable sign that you need a root canal surgery. However, treatment may be necessary if you have a deep cavity or an exposed nerve ending. If you are wondering if you need a root canal, here are some root canal symptoms:


  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Pimple eruption on your gums
  • Pain when chewing
  • Swelling and tenderness in your gums

Root Canal Therapy in Raleigh – Ou Procedure Offered Throughout NC

Do you know that inside every one of your teeth is pulp that provides nutrients and nerves? When the pulp is injured or decayed, its tissue dies and needs to be removed to avoid a lost tooth. During our root canal procedure in NC, our restorative dentists remove the infected pulp tissue, disinfect the inside of your tooth, replace the hole with a filling and seal it to prevent further bacteria. Carolina Dental Arts are one of the best when it comes to Root Canal Therapy in Raleigh.

If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms from an infected tooth, contact our local dentists near you today to see if root canal therapy is right for you. We will gladly discuss the cost of root canals with you or answer any of your other questions.

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