What is Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment? | Carolina Dental Arts

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth whitening is one of the most highly requested cosmetic dentistry services today. Everyone wants a Hollywood smile, one that shows your confidence, vitality and good health. Thanks to Zoom teeth whitening treatment, you can have a bright white smile in about two hours.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment? | Carolina Dental ArtsWhat is Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Zoom teeth whitening treatment combines bleaching with light activation to lighten your tooth enamel and dentin. This treatment takes place in your dentist’s office and provides greater results and safety than over-the-counter (OTC) at-home methods.

The Zoom process uses a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel that coats all of your upper and lower teeth. But it is the bleaching lamp that activates this gel, bringing dramatically whiter results in just 90 minutes to two hours. Thanks to your dentist’s care and supervision of this process, you safely, conveniently and effectively achieve immediate results.

What Causes My Teeth To Yellow?

Your teeth yellow for many reasons. These include aging, eating and drinking staining substances, and taking certain medications. Common causes of yellow teeth include:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Colas
  • Tobacco
  • Red wine
  • Tomato sauce
  • Excessive fluoride
  • Antibiotics
  • Tetracycline

Two types of tooth stains exist. Those removable through professional cleaning fall into the category of extrinsic stains. Those not removable through professional cleaning are intrinsic stains. Most of the above staining agents create extrinsic stains, externally on your teeth. But over the course of many years, these external stains can penetrate through your enamel to form internal stains, the intrinsic type.

When you brush your teeth and have a professional teeth cleaning in the dentist’s office, this cleaning removes external stains. But for internal yellowing, you need professional teeth whitening treatment.

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Will I Benefit from Professional Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Almost any adult benefits from teeth whitening treatment. But some people achieve better results than others. Your dentist provides the best answers as to your individual needs and whether you make a good candidate for whitening.

The steps to making this decision include having a thorough dental exam with a shade assessment and discussing your options with your dentist for achieving your brightest and whitest smile. Before teeth whitening treatment, most people undergo a professional teeth cleaning.

How Does the Zoom Method Work?

Zoom teeth whitening treatment uses light-activated gel. This gel is a pH balanced and scientifically formulated hydrogen peroxide that causes virtually no sensitivity.

The combination of this gel with the dentist’s Zoom light causes the gel to penetrate your teeth. Once activated, the gel eliminates intrinsic stains not removable through brushing or professional cleanings. As the light breaks down the hydrogen peroxide gel, resulting oxygen enters your enamel and dentin. This bleaches colored elements without changing your tooth structure.

What Can I Expect From My Zoom Procedure?

During your Zoom teeth whitening treatment, you can listen to music or relax in the dentist’s chair. The dentist or hygienist prepares your mouth by isolating your lips and gums to protect these delicate tissues from the solution. They apply the whitening gel, then activating it using the specially designed light for 15 minute intervals. After each 15 minute light session, you rinse and the dentist or hygienist applies new gel, repeating this process several times.

At the end of your bleaching cycles, the dentist or hygienist applies a fluoride treatment for about five minutes. Then you can see your instantly whiter, brighter smile. You will possibly notice even greater whitening results over the next few days, before the gel fully dissipates from within your enamel.

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Should I Expect Any Side Effects?

Some people experience tooth sensitivity during the treatment. Others feel light tingling during and after the procedure. But these effects usually disappear within 48 hours.

You can experience some light irritation if the gel gets onto your soft tissues, such as your lips, gums or inside your cheeks. But your dentist protects these areas by covering them before your whitening procedure. The Zoom light activation does not burn or irritate your tissues. It generates only slight heat that causes no effects outside of activation of your whitening gel.

Will My Results Last?

When you receive Zoom teeth whitening treatment, you can expect your teeth to remain whiter than before your procedure. But, of course, you must see your dentist regularly for professional exams and teeth cleanings. You also receive home bleaching trays and gel from the dentist to maintain your results at home.

Where Can I Get Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment in the Raleigh Area?

With two locations in Raleigh, North Carolina and one in Goldsboro, Carolina Dental Arts provides you with convenient access to Zoom teeth whitening treatment. Schedule your Raleigh consultation visit today by calling 919-670-4944 for the Glenwood South location or 984-242-0568 for the New Bern Avenue office. For Goldsboro appointments, call 919-778-0098.

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