What Makes a Great Dentist?

What Makes a Great Dentist? | Carolina Dental Arts

What Makes a Great Dentist?

In the Raleigh area you have many dentists to choose from. So how can you know if you have a great one? Even more importantly, how can you find a great one? What things should you look for? Below are nine defining factors of a great dentist.

What Makes a Great Dentist? | Carolina Dental ArtsA great dentist actively listens to patients.

All good dentists want to provide their patients with quality dental care. But the great dentist listen intently to their patients’ concerns. They do not make quick decisions about care without considering the patient’s feelings about the treatment.

They provide patient education.

A dentist provides their own education, experience and training to help you understand your oral health, medical conditions, positive habits and treatment options. A great dentist also explains these options to you. Their overall goal is to help you have your healthiest and most confident smile.

They respect your time and money.

Your budget is important to you. You also have many things occupying your time, like anyone else. A great dentist respects your time and budget, considering your financial needs when making treatment recommendations.

He maintains a clean, comfortable office.

Any great dentist maintains a neat, clean and organized dental practice. You should not see things like dirty instruments or used gloves left on surfaces. This can contaminate the exam rooms and exposes you to germs that can make you ill.

They do not upsell.

A great dentist does not focus on upselling treatments or products you neither need nor request. Of course, if you want elective treatments like teeth whitening or a quality toothbrush, they may offer these to you.

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A great dentist gets to know you.

You want a dentist who treats you as an individual person, not like a number among many. Individualized care provides you with better options for treatment and your ultimate well-being. By getting to know you, a great dentist also invests in a long-term relationship with you as a patient.

He uses the latest methods and technology.

An excellent dentist invests in his or her practice, ensuring your treatment takes place using the latest methods and technologies. They offer digital X-rays, teeth whitening treatments and other services that some practices may not. A well-qualified dentist also attends continuing education courses and seeks specialized training. They enjoy expanding their knowledge about their craft to better serve your needs.

They care about their staff.

How a dentist treats his or her staff tells you a lot about how they are as a person. A great dentist maintains professionalism, respects staff and uses a positive management style. As a result of this respect and good treatment, staff present a more positive attitude, as well. Together, all members of the dental team create the atmosphere that attracts patients to their office for the long term.

They provide follow-up care.

When you go through a particularly lengthy or difficult procedure, a great dentist follows up with you. They ensure you are feeling okay and do not have signs of any complications. They also seek to schedule an in-office follow-up visit to check on your healing and recovery. Additionally, an excellent dentist either offers in office or directs patients to a specific dental practice nearby for emergency dental care when necessary.

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Where to Find a Great Dentist in Raleigh or Goldsboro, NC

With two locations in Raleigh and one in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Carolina Dental Arts provides the convenience and excellence you seek. We offer a wide range of services, including general dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. We also provide emergency dental services and periodontal care.

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