Why do teeth get yellow?

Yellowing and discoloration of teeth is a persistent problem people that many people grapple with. While there can be many reasons for the yellowing, some are very common and can be dealt with by simple lifestyle changes and alterations. To provide expertise on this subject, our Morrisville NC dentists at Carolina Dental Arts offer guidance and insight into the reasons for yellowing and how it can be avoided.

  • As you get older, the chemical composition of your body changes, causing minor changes in teeth color. These are natural changes and shouldn’t be a source of concern.
  • A more worrisome cause is smoking and the use of tobacco, which both cause major tooth decay and yellowing.
  • Carbonated beverages also are bad for teeth due to their color, which can dye teeth, and their sugary and acidic nature, which breaks down tooth enamel.
  • A more damaging and troublesome cause of tooth yellowing could be a damaged nerve in the root canal, which would also cause significant pain as it progressed.
  • Another cause of yellow teeth is the possible presence of excessive amounts of iron in the body.
  • Any food that will stain a white shirt will also stain your teeth, (curry, mustard, red wine, blueberries, coffee, etc).

Whatever the cause might be, for whitening yellow teeth, it is always a good idea to consult your Morrisville NC dentist at Carolina Dental Arts at (919) 651-8024.