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At Carolina Dental Arts, we provide an extensive variety of professional, high-quality dental treatments in Durham, NC.

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What separates Carolina Dental Arts from other dental practices? We’ve created a soothing inviting atmosphere in our office so that all our patients can relax when it’s time for them to visit the dentist. View our 415 Dunstan Avenue dental office photos, then visit us in person by scheduling your next dental appointment today with Carolina Dental Arts.

When it comes to your dental care, you need a family dentist that’s trusted in the community.

At Total Smiles of Durham, we are passionate about our work and strive to achieve excellence in our practice. From our wide array of available procedures to our unmatched customer service, our Durham family dentists and friendly staff are committed to putting the patient first. We proudly serve patients of all ages and are ready to handle all your dental health needs. We provide everything from restorative dentistry to metal braces and teeth whitening.


What you can expect when you visit our Durham family dentist:

  • A positive experience. We start with a clean and relaxing office environment. And provide our patients with personalized care that meets all their dental needs.
  • High standards. We strive to be the exceptional family dentist our patients deserve. The goal is to achieve optimal dental health through our comprehensive dental care.
  • Patient education. In addition to regular cleanings and exams, preventive care at home is the first line of defense against tooth decay. Our staff will provide the proper education specific to your family’s needs so that you know how to take care of your teeth all year long.
  • Trained and expert dentists. As your Durham family dentists, we stay on top of the latest techniques, and products through our continual training. We attend lectures, conventions, meetings, and more so that we can offer you the latest in dental care.
  • Uncompromised safety. Our office strictly follows covid 19 sterilization and cross-contamination processes set by the ADA, OSHA, and the CDC for the protection of both our patients and our staff.

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If you are looking for the best family dentist in Durham NC, you will find it at Carolina Dental Arts Durham, NC. Call our team today or fill out the contact form to the right to request an appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful smile! Carolina Dental Arts is proud to serve patients at our other locations throughout North Carolina, including Glenwood SouthGoldsboro, and New Bern Ave.

North Carolina Central University

Carolina Dental Arts, located in Durham, North Carolina, is the ideal choice for comprehensive dental care within walking distance from North Carolina Central University. Our state-of-the-art dental office is committed to providing exceptional and personalized oral health services to students and residents alike. With a team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals, we offer a range of services, including routine check-ups, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency treatments. We prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Conveniently situated near North Carolina Central University, our dental practice aims to make quality dental care easily accessible for the local community.

Our Treatments

Complete Family Dental Care in Durham, NC

Thank you for visiting! Perhaps you are new to the area or unhappy with your current provider. You and your growing family need a caring dental office that provides comprehensive dental care for all ages. A dentist you can trust,  one who makes all ages feel welcomed and safe. Total Smiles of Durham provides quality family dental care that includes the following:

We Are  Commitment To Our Patients

With years of experience, we are committed to providing for your needs first, you can trust our family dentists and friendly staff. When you visit us, you can expect nothing but the highest quality of family dental care. Our service pledge includes:

  • An exceptional experience. When you receive personalized care from our dental professionals, we make going to the dentist a pleasant experience for you. To improve your office visit, we provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere that keeps you from feeling anxious about your appointment or treatment. We work with you to keep your oral health on track.
  • Quality standards of dentistry. We are driven every day to provide the best dental care your family deserves. These standards include offering a variety of services to meet your dental needs.
  • Patient education and information.
  • Besides needing preventive care services in our office, you also need to know how to maintain your good oral health between visits at home. To help you meet these needs, we provide ongoing education, support, and guidance.
  • Top dentists in their field.
  • Our family dental office in Durham NC remains up to date with the latest tools used in our industry. Our clean and inviting office is up to date with modern equipment and stays on top of the newest techniques and products. This means we provide you with the latest advancements in dental care.
  • Safety and comfort. Many people fear going to the dentist. This is why we commit ourselves to make your visits comfortable and safe. We strictly adhere to the ADA, OSHA, and CDC guidelines for sterilization and prevention of cross-contamination. This protects you and our staff, at the same time.

Schedule Your Visit at Total Smiles of Durham Today

At Total Smiles of Durham, we strive to meet your long-term dental health goals. If you need a family dentist in Durham, visit our office at 415 Dunstan Avenue Durham NC 27707. As part of our patient family, we will help you achieve the smile of your dreams. You can also visit our other locations on New Bern Ave, Glenwood South, or Goldsboro.

Durham Family Dental Services from Total Smiles of Durham

Building relationships with our patients is important to us. This is why we commit ourselves to delivering the highest quality of dental health care. We start with a long-term dental treatment plan to meet your specific smile goals.

At our Durham NC location, we provide a broad range of dental services, just as we do at Glenwood South and in Goldsboro. Here, you receive routine dental exams, fluoride treatments, X-rays, sealants, and cleanings.

Our dental services also include:

    • What can I expect on my first visit?
    What can I expect on my first visit?

    At Carolina Dental ARTS, we work hard to make every visit as relaxing as we can. Our welcoming team will give you a warm greeting, go over your appointment with you, and respond to any questions you may have.

    • What should I bring to my first appointment?
    What should I bring to my first appointment?

    For your first appointment, please bring any relevant medical or dental records, including X- rays, if available. It is also helpful to provide a list of any medications you are currently taking and any allergies you may have. This information will assist our dentist in providing you with the best possible care. The most important bring a big smile!

    • What dental services do you provide?
    What dental services do you provide?

    Carolina Dental Arts offers a number of dental treatments. We work hard to support your dental health and keep your teeth shining brightly. We provide the following dental procedures in NC:

    General dentistry Restorative dentistry Orthodontics Cosmetic dentistry Emergency Dentist.

    • What if I have an emergency?
    What if I have an emergency?

    Anyone may encounter a dental emergency and the first thing to do is to call your dentist as soon as possible. You might be able to save your tooth or get some relief from your pain by doing so. Call us at 919-683-1847  to schedule an emergency appointment.

    • What if I don’t have dental insurance?
    What if I don’t have dental insurance?

    If you don’t have dental insurance, we offer various payment options to accommodate your needs. These include flexible financing plans, credit card payments, and cash payments. Additionally, we can discuss alternative treatments or phased treatment plans to help manage costs effectively.

    • Is this a pain-free dental practice?
    Is this a pain-free dental practice?

    Yes. We promise that you won’t feel any pain throughout treatment because to our Profound Numbing Guarantee. If you do experience discomfort, we’ll stop the procedure right away to give you additional anesthesia, and we won’t resume until we’re sure you’ll be comfortable.

    • Can my entire family receive care on the same day?
    Can my entire family receive care on the same day?

    We provide full-service family dental care. Before beginning treatment, we take the time to learn about each patient’s specific dental and medical history. We consistently treat patients of all ages. For routine dental appointments for their family and themselves, the majority of our patients view us as their primary dentists.

    • Can you provide dental implants?
    Can you provide dental implants?

    We are specialists in dental implants, from single implants to full implant dentures, to return the normal function and aesthetics of your mouth. If you want to know more please call us : 919-683-1847.

    • Do you offer orthodontics?
    Do you offer orthodontics?

    Yes! We offer Invisalign® treatment to bring crooked teeth into the right position. It’s a revolutionary treatment that avoids the need for braces. We offer as well Six Month Smiles, and traditional metal braces.

    • Where are you located?
    Where are you located?

    Our clinic is located in Glenwood South, Raleigh and we see patients from all throughout the NC area. Our address is 415 Dunstan Avenue Durham, NC 27707.

    • What are your working Hours?
    What are your working Hours?
    DayOpen TimeClose Time
    Monday9:00 AM4:00 PM
    Tuesday9:00 AM4:00 PM
    Wednesday9:00 AM4:00 PM
    Thursday9:00 AM4:00 PM
    Friday9:00 AM4:00 PM
    • How do I make an appointment at Carolina Dental Arts?
    How do I make an appointment at Carolina Dental Arts?

    Please fill out our contact form or give us a call or text at (919) 683-1847.

    • What happens if I have concerns about a procedure before I schedule a consultation?
    What happens if I have concerns about a procedure before I schedule a consultation?

    You can call us at (919) 683-1847 and our staff friendly is more than happy to answer your questions.

    • If I miss or cancel an appointment, will I be charged?
    If I miss or cancel an appointment, will I be charged?

    Please be informed that no additional appointments will be offered at the practice if two appointments are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice within a 12-month period. Private appointments that are missed or canceled with short notice will incur a cost.

    • How do you ensure that the environment and the equipment are safe and sanitary?
    How do you ensure that the environment and the equipment are safe and sanitary?

    Regarding equipment, cross-contamination, and decontamination, we abide by all current government standards, recommendations, and guidelines. All of our equipment is professionally repaired and kept up-to-date, and our team is regularly trained to ensure that we are fully informed. We take both your and our security very seriously.

    • Are dental X-rays safe?
    Are dental X-rays safe?

    Yes, dental X-rays are safe as they emit a minimal amount of radiation, and necessary

    precautions are taken to protect patients.

    • How often should I visit the dentist for a check-up?
    How often should I visit the dentist for a check-up?

    It is generally recommended to visit the dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning every six months. However, the frequency may vary depending on your oral health condition. Your dentist will advise you on the appropriate interval based on your individual needs.

    • At what age should I bring my child for a visit?
    At what age should I bring my child for a visit?

    Children should start visiting the dentist around the age of one or within six months of the eruption of their first tooth.

    • How can I protect my child’s teeth during sports activities?
    How can I protect my child’s teeth during sports activities?

    By using a mouth guard. Measurements are taken, and it is prepared. When there is physical contact during various sports, especially contact sports, a mouth guard lowers the risk of jaw bone fractures and damage. Call our office to get your child’s mouth guard.

    • Can you help with dental anxiety?
    Can you help with dental anxiety?

    Absolutely. We are aware that many people frequently worry about their dental health. Our caring dental team has experience dealing with concerned individuals. To make you feel peaceful and relaxed during your dental operations, we provide a variety of sedation options, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dental office if you have any more queries or worries. We’re here to help you and give you the best dental care we can.

    • I need to fix to tooth, what are the different types of tooth restorations?
    I need to fix to tooth, what are the different types of tooth restorations?

    Common types of tooth restorations include fillings, dental crowns, bridges, implants, and

    dentures. Depending on you issue the dentist will consult you with the best option.

    Choose the Carolina Dental Arts in Durham, NC

    Get to know the friendly professionals and staff at Total Smiles of Durham today. We are eager to help you achieve your healthiest and most confident smile. Our relaxing office atmosphere and four locations provide you with convenience, trust, and comfort that put you and each and every member of your family at ease.

    Call us today to schedule your first visit at our North Carolina locations in Durham at 415 Dunstan Avenue Durham NC, New Bern Avenue, Glenwood South, or in Goldsboro NC.

      Maps & Directions to Our Durham NC Location

      Carolina Dental Arts, located at 415 Dunstan Avenue Durham NC 27707. It’s the perfect location for anyone that lives near North Carolina Central University. If you have questions or are having trouble finding our dental practice, look through the directions below, or feel free to call (919) 683-1847 for assistance from a member of our team.

      Directions to Carolina Dental Arts Durham

      We are located on Dunstan Avenue just north of North Carolina Central University. From Hillside park head south on S. Roxboro St. then turn left on Dustan Ave. We are on the corner of Dunstan and Fayettville St.  We have free parking for our patients in the parking lot in front of the building.

      For experienced dental services with a free consultation, call Carolina Dental Arts, Durham, NC today at (919) 683-1847!

      Zachary MorganZachary Morgan

      18:42 10 Sep 22
      THE FAST FOOD OF DENTAL WORKThe worst dentist I have ever been to. Went here last year and they said I had 7(!) cavities. Mistakenly I let them fill these. Since then I have started seeing an actual professional dentist who have had to remove several of these fillings because they were so poorly done. On top of that I have experienced nerve damage in the molars that were drilled at Total Smiles. What I really needed was gum work done at a periodontist and Total Smiles said nothing to me about my receding gum line, they just filled spots that should have been covered by my gums. I am now having to have those removed and get periodontic;dr very poor work that caused me more health problems in the long run

      CoCo CaliCoCo Cali

      18:33 21 Jun 22
      I called the same day and they seen me the same day. Very professional and friendly. As a new pregnant patient I am picky about who is taking care of me. But the welcome 🤗 just sucked me in and I felt like I was going to be cared for correctly & they understood the assignment. Thank you 🙏

      Cathy DurdenCathy Durden

      15:25 12 Apr 19
      My overall experience with Total Smiles was great. Tina at the front desk was very efficient whenever I needed assistance or had any questions regarding my treatment plan. My dental assistant Marcus made my fear of getting some extractions less of a worry. Dr. Cook and Dr. Cohen are both awesome! Thank you total smiles.

      Queen TaylorQueen Taylor

      20:13 23 Jan 19
      Front desk staff is always pleasant. The dentist removed a tooth a year ago and i have caught an infection in the same area three times since the tooth was removed. They didn’t check to see what was causing the infection to continue to come back over and over again just continues to give me antibiotics! I will Never return again!

      G.C. S.G.C. S.

      15:27 19 Oct 18
      Front staff very friendly, efficient check in. The wait time to be seen was like other dentist I have seen, was not a long wait time. Back staff very friendly, put me at ease. Dentist was also friendly, answered all my questions. Got an estimate of dental work needed. Overall very good experience and I will recommend.

      Kenyetta StarnesKenyetta Starnes

      21:11 30 Mar 16
      I’ve gone to Total Smiles for my dental work…. it’s very convenient and right on the bus line. The professionalism from the front desk ladies, to the dental assistants, all the way to the dentists themselves is amazing. They made me feel very comfortable and explained the process to the extent to where I understood exactly what procedures were being done. My overall experience with this company was amazing.


      Kathy Anders
      Kathy Anders
      Excellent staff and love my dentist and the ladies in the office! Mrs. Patsy is my favorite and Liz is second. They are all good at what they do. Keeping my smile and my teeth looking their best! Awesome as always!
      Marian Malone
      Marian Malone
      Ashley who was my hygienist today did such a wonderful job on my teeth. I have gone in for cleanings before with other dentists in the area of Goldsboro and always come out with yellow teeth still.. I did not have any any kind of whitening done she just cleaned my teeth and I felt so good afterward .
      Julian Edwards
      Julian Edwards
      Rodney Mealing Jr
      Rodney Mealing Jr
      The Staff and service were great. From scheduling to dental work done, everything went easy. Felt relaxed, would recommend their services.
      Tisse Martin (Tisse)
      Tisse Martin (Tisse)
      Carolina Dental Arts staff & services are amazing. I called in as a new patient. They got me in and took care of my tooth the same day, with little waiting time. I was truly impressed. Thanks again CDA, see you guys soon ! 🤗
      Janai Donyele
      Janai Donyele
      My name is Sharonda. And I have been going to Carolina Dental for years, this is my family, whom I love so much. So kind very considerate, and patient. God bless everyone that works there. Love u guys.
      Ellen Barlow
      Ellen Barlow
      Friendly staff and Dr Taylor!! They really ease your anxiety!

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