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According to the American College of Prosthodontists, approximately 40 million people have lost all their teeth. Whether you have lost teeth due to gum disease, decay, dental trauma, or another cause, replacing your missing teeth is crucial to your oral function and overall well-being. In the past, traditional dentures were the go-to solution for missing teeth. However, their popularity is waning as more people choose modern snap-in dentures, also known as implant-retained dentures. This shift toward advanced implant solutions is due to the numerous benefits that snap-in dentures offer compared to traditional options.

At Carolina Dental Arts, we offer snap-in dentures held in place with traditional dental implants or mini dental implants. These options allow more people than ever before to enjoy a more stable denture experience.

What Are Snap-In Dentures?

Snap-In Dentures in North Carolina | Carolina Dental ArtsSnap-in dentures are an alternative to conventional full dentures. While they both consist of artificial teeth on an acrylic gum base, snap-in dentures are configured to snap onto dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. We screw them into the jawbone to create anchor points for the dentures. The prosthetic stays in place by connecting to the implants, offering exceptional stability and function.

At Carolina Dental Arts, we can use traditional dental implants or mini dental implants to secure a snap-in denture. While fewer traditional implants are generally needed, the procedure for placing them is more invasive. Also, due to the size of traditional implants, some patients do not qualify for them as they don’t meet the necessary jawbone requirements.

Mini implants are an excellent option for individuals seeking a more efficient and minimally invasive procedure. Because mini implants are about half the width of conventional implants, patients who are not eligible for standard implants can still experience the benefits of implant-retained dentures.

The Benefits of Snap-In Dentures

There are plenty of differences between traditional dentures and modern snap-in dentures. With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that many individuals choose implant dentures to replace their missing teeth.

Secure Fit

Snap-in dentures provide a secure fit, so you don’t have to worry about them slipping out during conversations or meals. They stay perfectly fitted to your mouth without requiring suction or messy denture adhesives. This stability ensures you can enjoy social interactions and meals with confidence!

Stronger Biting Force

Snap-in dentures are designed to ensure your biting force is not affected. If dentures do not apply sufficient pressure on your jawbone, you might be unable to bite at full force, limiting your ability to chew food properly. Modern snap-in dentures can exert a bite force 300% higher than traditional ones, allowing you to enjoy a wider variety of foods without discomfort.

Improved Taste

Traditional dentures may cover parts of the mouth, affecting your ability to taste. While snap-in dentures use similar materials, they reduce the acrylic base that covers your palate. This part isn’t needed for stability because the implants provide the necessary support. As a result, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the taste and textures of your favorite foods.

Easy Cleaning

Keeping dentures clean is essential for maintaining oral hygiene. Snap-in dentures from Carolina Dental Arts are easy to clean since you can remove them at the end of the day. This convenience helps ensure your dentures remain hygienic and in good condition.

Better Jaw and Gum Health

Traditional dentures can’t prevent jawbone deterioration over time because they do not provide the necessary stimulation. This lack of stimulation then leads to bone loss and weakening. As the jawbone recedes, the dentures lose their fit and become less secure. This instability can cause them to irritate the gums, leading to discomfort and potential damage due to constant rubbing. In contrast, snap-in dentures help preserve jawbone strength by simulating the bone via the implants. This prevents bone loss and maintains your oral health and facial appearance. Implant dentures also reduce the risk of gum irritation because they stay securely in place.

Increased Confidence

With snap-in dentures, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your false teeth won’t slip out of place unexpectedly. This allows you to talk, smile, and engage with others confidently, enhancing your self-assurance in social settings.

How Do Snap-In Dentures Work?

If you opt for snap-in dentures, we will first strategically insert the dental implants throughout the jawbone. The number of implants needed depends on the type of implant you choose, the condition of your jawbone, and whether you need an upper or lower denture.

Unlike traditional implants, which require multiple appointments due to a multi-phase implantation approach, we can often place mini implants in a single visit. Their streamlined placement makes the process quicker and less invasive. Once the implants are securely in place, we attach the dentures. Depending on your scenario, you may use a temporary denture for a short time until your custom prosthetic has been fabricated.

With the denture in place, you can expect a stable prosthetic and a comfortable fit that will give you confidence in your daily activities.

Zirconia Roundhouse Bridges

Another alternative to a traditional denture is a zirconia roundhouse bridge. This roundhouse bridge replaces a full arch of missing teeth. Like snap-in dentures, the prosthetic is anchored by dental implants. However, you never have to remove a roundhouse bridge yourself.

Semi-removable bridges, or fixed hybrid bridges, are securely attached and only removed at your routine cleanings. Non-removable bridges are permanently cemented in place. Made from durable zirconia, these bridges offer a natural look and long-lasting solution, improving chewing ability and overall oral health. The zirconia material is not only strong but also biocompatible, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and ensuring a comfortable fit for years.

Secure Your Smile With Snap-In Dentures Today

Snap-in dentures provide a reliable and comfortable solution for those struggling with missing teeth. They offer improved stability, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile confidently. At Carolina Dental Arts, our experienced team is dedicated to enhancing your denture experience. If you’re considering snap-in dentures, contact us today to schedule a consultation. With four convenient locations in Raleigh, Goldsboro, and Durham, we’re here to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of snap-in dentures varies based on several factors, including the number and type of implants needed, the materials used, and the complexity of the procedure.

These implant-retained dentures are a more cost-effective investment than traditional dentures due to their superior stability and longevity. While traditional dentures can be less expensive upfront, snap-in dentures require fewer adjustments and replacements over time, providing better value in the long run.

Dental insurance may cover some of the costs associated with snap-in dentures. At Carolina Dental Arts, we will help you maximize your coverage so that you get the most from your insurance plan. We also offer financing options to help patients manage their expenses comfortably, ensuring that quality dental care is accessible to everyone.

Snap-in dentures generally last longer than traditional dentures due to their durable construction and secure fit. Traditional dentures typically need replacement every 5-10 years due to wear and changes in the mouth’s shape, while snap-in dentures, anchored by dental implants, can last significantly longer.

With proper care, the dental implants themselves can last a lifetime, providing an enduring foundation for the dentures. The longevity of the snap-in denture appliance depends on factors like oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, but patients can expect a longer lifespan than conventional dentures.

Proper care is essential to maximize the longevity of your snap-in dentures. Here are some tips to keep them clean:

  • Daily brushing: Use a soft-bristle brush to clean your mouth every morning before putting in your dentures. This helps to keep your mouth free of bacteria.
  • Denture cleaning: Brush and rinse your dentures daily to remove food particles. Use a soft-bristle brush with a nonabrasive cleaner to gently clean the dentures, which helps eliminate any unwanted debris.
  • Storage: When not in use, always store your dentures in a container filled with water. This prevents them from drying out and helps keep them bacteria-free.

Don’t forget to maintain your regular six-month checkups so we can evaluate your oral health, treat any concerns, professionally clean your prosthetic, and evaluate the condition of your implants and dentures.

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