Will Implant Dentures Affect My Ability To Eat or Speak?

In this video, Dr. Chris Powell explains how implant-supported dentures improve eating and speech, providing stability and confidence compared to traditional dentures.

Implant-supported dentures can significantly enhance both your ability to eat and your speech, compared to traditional dentures. Traditional dentures often slip and slide, which can make chewing certain foods challenging and affect your confidence while speaking. With implant-supported dentures, the dentures are anchored to implants that are securely fused to your jawbone, which mimics the stability of natural teeth.
This increased stability dramatically improves your chewing capability. For instance, while you might find it difficult to eat various foods at a salad bar with regular dentures, implant-supported dentures allow you to enjoy a wider range of foods without worry. This is because they are much less likely to shift or dislodge.
Similarly, your ability to speak clearly can also improve. Implant-supported dentures stay firmly in place, which means they won’t slip around and cause you to mumble or slur your words. This can boost your confidence significantly, making you feel more comfortable in social situations and daily interactions.
Overall, if you’re considering this option or are curious about how it can change your life, I encourage you to come in for a free consultation. We can discuss the specific benefits of implant-supported dentures and determine if they are the right solution for you.

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