Let’s Talk About Fluoride!

Let’s Talk About Fluoride! | Carolina Dental Arts | North Carolina

We all remember those “bubble gum” flavored fluoride treatments when we were kids, YUCK! And we know our kids now still get fluoride every time they go to the dentist.  But why do we stop getting it as adults?

It seems weird to me, why at 18 years old do we stop wanting to protect our teeth with something quick, easy, cheap and much better tasting now.

This is a perfect example of insurance dictated healthcare.

Let’s Talk About Fluoride! | Carolina Dental Arts | North Carolina1. What is Fluoride?

It is commonly used in dentistry to help preventing cavities in children and adults. Fluoride makes the outer surface of your teeth (enamel) more resistant to the acid attacks that cause tooth decay. Therefore, it has been recognized as an important nutrient for healthy teeth.

2. Who needs this?

  • Exposed roots or gum recession
  • Large fillings or crowns as it makes the restorations last longer
  • Dry mouth from medications like antidepressants, high blood pressure, or cancer
  • History or undergoing Chemo or radiation
  • Lack of dexterity to properly brush: kids, elderly, special needs
  • Braces? Please get it!
  • Sensitive teeth, fluoride helps a ton!
  • Bad flosser or you eat a ton of sweet or drink energy drinks
  • Kids, college students

3. Why do you need this?

There are ton of reasons to get it, but the main one is so simple: PREVENTION! I would rather prevent a cavity than treat it.
Fluoride varnish is quick and should cost about $30. Nowadays, it tastes way better than those trays we had as a kid. You can eat right away and re calcifies teeth for hours after the treatment.

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