Oral Health Care For Teenagers

Oral Health Care For Teenagers | Carolina Dental Arts

Teens from Cary, Apex and Holly Springs in North Carolina to everywhere else in the country are slowly realizing it is just as important to get smart about their oral health as it is to be fit and look great.

Oral Health Care For Teenagers | Carolina Dental ArtsOral Health Care For Teenagers And Young Adults

Brushing and flossing daily is important, and every teen needs to ensure they do this so they don’t need to resort to teeth whitening treatments in their 20s and 30s.

Schedule in visits to the local family dental clinic in Cary or Apex for dental cleaning and general oral health checks.

If a teenager has braces, it is prudent to keep special dental floss – your family dental specialist will recommend one – meant for working around brackets or wires. Carry this and a brush when out, to prevent plaque and other debris from clinging to the teeth and between the braces. Those teens who play sports should ensure they wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth, gums,
and lips.

Also, take care to keep sugary foods and sodas down to a minimum and always rinse the mouth after. Sugar and carbs are plaques’ best friend. Prolonged tobacco use, besides other health issues, can wreak havoc with oral health starting with bad breath or worse. With a little care, teenagers can sail through to their 20s with a great set of teeth and healthy gums.

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