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Have you had a cavity or received tooth damage? What is an effective way to restore the strength of your tooth? Look to Carolina Dental Arts — our dental inlays and onlays in NC look like your mature teeth and are practically as strong! Also, when your inlay or onlay restorations are installed by our leading dentists and receive the proper care, you can expect your inlay or onlay to last as long as 30 years.

What are Dental Inlays & Onlays?

Offered across Goldsboro and beyond, our restorative dental inlays and onlays cover or replace parts of a damaged tooth by sitting in or on the tooth. They’re a better option for your tooth than a crown or large filling, as they mimic your natural tooth structure.

Our restorative dentists create dental inlays to look exactly like your natural teeth with perfect cusps, colors and contours, as well as use the latest procedures to create custom composite, gold or tooth-colored porcelain inlays. Some patients choose restorative inlays in NC because of:

  • Superior fit
  • Exact tooth color
  • Tooth structure safeguard
  • Easy tooth cleaning
  • Tight-space fulfillment
  • Strength and stability
  • Weak tooth protection

A dental onlay is a great restorative treatment if your tooth has sustained damage, as it is a more affordable NC alternative to crowns and large, old metal fillings. In fact, capping a damaged tooth with a crown can remove tooth structure and create the potential for problems. Dental onlays are durable, cover a portion of the entire biting surface of your tooth. It also creates less strain on the structure of your existing tooth.

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Save money and enjoy beautiful teeth when you select to receive your inlay or onlay restorations from Carolina Dental Arts. We can ensure your procedure will be a positive experience. Also, we will gladly educate you on the best ways to care for your new tooth restoration in NC. In fact, Schedule an appointment by contacting us today for your inlay or onlay restorations!

Lastly, Carolina Dental Arts offers exceptional dental procedures in North Carolina at our locations across the state, including Glenwood SouthGoldsboro and New Bern Ave.