Get a Straight Smile with Clear Braces in Just Six to Nine Months

Get a Straight Smile with Clear Braces in Just Six to Nine Months

Getting a straight smile has never been easier than at Carolina Dental Arts. With our Six Month Smiles program, you can fix your orthodontic issue in just six to nine months. Whether you are the parent of a child who is in need of braces or you are considering orthodontic treatment yourself, you can rely on Carolina Dental Arts to provide you with the quick and efficient treatment you need to feel confident about your smile. An added benefit is that we use clear brackets, so you and your loved ones will barely be able to tell that you are wearing braces.

Orthodontic issues that can be fixed with our Six Month Smiles program include:

  • Crossbites
  • Widely-spaced teeth
  • Crowding
  • Protrusion

With a Six Month Smile, our clear braces involve tiny brackets and wires that are the same color as your teeth, which means you can feel confident while your orthodontic issue is being treated. We know that life is busy and often doesn’t allow for traditional braces, which is why we offer this simple solution to patients of all ages. Don’t worry about metal when you can Smile with Clear Braces.

Don’t just take our word for it –– read some of our patient testimonials to see how our Six Month Smiles program changed their lives and gave them a smile with clear braces.