Take Care of Your Dental Needs

Take Care of Your Dental Needs | Carolina Dental Arts

At Carolina Dental Arts, our dentists and team members are committed to delivering the best possible experience at our offices in Charlotte, NC. By building a foundation of trust with all of our patients, we help ensure that you walk out of our dental offices feeling confident about your oral health.

Take Care of Your Dental Needs | Carolina Dental ArtsVisit our Charlotte dentists, you can rest assured knowing that they will take care of your dental needs:

  • Offer personalized dental care. Whether your child needs a root canal or a long-term orthodontic treatment plan, our dentists can use their expertise to ensure you get the dental services you deserve.
  • Are trained and experienced. In order to give you a positive experience at Carolina Dental Arts, our Charlotte dentists stay on top of the latest techniques, products and equipment through continual education.
  • Focus on your dental needs. By offering both preventive and general dentistry procedures at our Charlotte dental offices, we put the needs of our patients first.

Meet Our Highly Qualified Charlotte Dental Team

Are you looking to learning more about the dentists at our two locations in Charlotte? Also, read through their bios below and then schedule an appointment at our Blakeney or South Park dental office when you are in need of high-quality dental services.

Blakeney Dentist

Dr. Chris Powell – A graduate of NC State University and UNC-Chapel Hill. Also, Dr. Powell is a North Carolina native who specializes in one-hour crowns, aesthetic bonding, dental implants and dental sleep devices.

South Park Dentist

Dr. Kyle Roth – Dr. Roth graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry 17 years ago. Also, He boasts an impressive resume that features dental rotations at Melbourne University. This University is in Australia and a teaching position in the Prosthodontic Department at UNC.

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Schedule an Appointment at Carolina Dental Arts

From teeth whitening to root canals, our highly trained dentists and team members can offer you and your family the best dental experience possible. Lastly, Schedule an appointment at one of our two Charlotte dental offices today and let us take care of your dental needs.

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