Tooth Abscess Treatment at Carolina Dental Arts

Tooth Abscess Treatment at Carolina Dental Arts | North Carolina

Tooth Abscess Treatment

Did you know that a tooth abscess is the most common reason why people visit their emergency dentist? This dangerous tooth infection is an emergency, indeed. There is not a home remedy that can treat this problem. It can lead to serious health and dental consequences without prompt care provided by your dentist at Carolina Dental Arts. But what is a tooth abscess and what causes a dental abscess to occur?

Tooth Abscess Treatment at Carolina Dental Arts | North CarolinaWhat is a tooth abscess?

A tooth abscess is a painful bacterial infection in your mouth that produces pus and swelling in or around a tooth root. The root is the part of the tooth that contains nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels. The infection is a dangerous threat to your overall health because of those blood vessels in the root. They can carry bacteria into your bloodstream and then throughout your body.

What causes a tooth abscess?

An abscess typically occurs because of advanced tooth decay. But this infection can also occur because of dental damage such as from a broken, cracked or chipped tooth. Untreated gum disease is another culprit. Even worn enamel can enable bacteria to infect your tooth and create an abscess in your mouth.

What are the signs and symptoms of a tooth abscess?

You should schedule a dental appointment or call your emergency dentist anytime you feel discomfort in your mouth or experience signs of an infection. Early treatment is one of the biggest keys in avoiding greater risk to your dental health or physical well-being.

Warning signs of a dental abscess include:

  • Severe toothache or tooth pain
  • Fever
  • Gum redness and swelling
  • Jaw swelling in later stages of abscess
  • Hot or cold tooth sensitivity
  • Open sore in gums that drains pus and causes a bitter taste
  • Bad breath
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How does Carolina Dental Arts treat a tooth abscess?

The treatment for tooth abscess varies from one individual to another. But most people need several types of treatment at once. It is very important to realize that there is not a home remedy for an abscess and putting off your dentist’s care will only put your dental health and physical wellness at greater risk.

Abscess treatments include:

Draining the Abscess

Your Carolina Dental Arts dentist starts your abscess treatment by draining the infection through a small incision in the gums. This releases the pus and allows the dentist to remove dead tissue and clean the area with saline.

Prescribed Antibiotics

In some cases, such as for lower molars with serious infections, it is best to first prescribe antibiotics. A course of antibiotics taken for about 10 days can reduce the infection and enable more comfortable treatment in the dentist’s office at a later date.

Root Canal

Another option for treatment of an abscess is a root canal. This dental procedure removes the tooth infection and drains the pus, also removing the nerve and blood vessels from the center of the tooth root. Restoring the tooth with a crown after the root canal can enhance the strength of the remaining tooth and preserve it for years of normal chewing.

Tooth Extraction

When the tooth cannot be saved, the dentist will extract it. This also enables draining of the abscess to heal the infection, then replace the tooth with a dental implant or denture.


Sometimes a tooth abscess is severe enough to require hospitalization. This is often the case when the swelling or fever do not improve with antibiotics. In the hospital, a dentist or oral surgeon performs the appropriate dental procedure such as an extraction.

Is my tooth abscess a dental emergency?

It is very important to take a tooth abscess seriously and understand it is a dental emergency. You need immediate treatment or you can experience an infection that travels throughout your body and threatens your well-being, even your life. With timely treatment, your Goldsboro or Raleigh, NC dentist will have you back in good health and infection-free in no time.

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If you show signs of a dental abscess, such as with the symptoms listed in the section above, call Carolina Dental Arts for an immediate appointment. We schedule emergency dental care the same day or as soon as possible and appropriate for the patient’s circumstances. Your dentist may need to see you on a weekend or outside of regular business hours, depending on when you experience pain, swelling and other signs of a tooth abscess.

Call Now for Emergency Dental Care and Tooth Abscess Treatment

A dental abscess is not the time to delay seeing your dental care professionals. After all, Carolina Dental Arts offers an emergency dentist’s care for tooth problems like abscesses. We will ensure you feel better quickly and receive the quality dental treatment you need.

If you need emergency dental care or think you may have a tooth abscess forming in or around your tooth, call your preferred Carolina Dental Arts location in Goldsboro or Raleigh, NC now.

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