Why Regular Dental Cleanings Help with Gum Health

Why Regular Dental Cleanings Help with Gum Health

To have optimum oral health, routine dental cleanings are essential. Many people might think that dental cleanings simply keep their teeth clean and polished, but these important appointments are actually key for keeping your gums healthy as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss why regular dental cleanings are important for having excellent gum health.

Why Regular Dental Cleanings Help with Gum HealthWhat is Gum Health?

First, it’s good for you to know the definition of “gum health.” Also known as the gingiva, gums are composed of soft tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth. In a healthy mouth, gums surround the teeth tightly, covering the base well. They act as a protective barrier that keeps bacteria and other harmful compounds away from the root of each tooth.

If gums are infected, they start to wear out and become inflamed. They shrink and expose the base of the teeth. It is a serious condition called periodontitis and can develop into advanced gum disease.

What causes periodontitis? Usually, it is caused by the accumulation of tartar and plaque around the teeth and gums. When the mouth is not properly cleaned on a regular basis, it leads to the destruction of gum tissue and the bone beneath. If not tended to by a dentist, the teeth eventually become loose or fall out.

Periodontitis not only affects the mouth but oral health is also linked to several health conditions. The state of your gums and teeth can affect your overall health. People with poor oral health can experience strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and other serious conditions.

Regular Dental Cleanings Promote Good Gum Health

There are important ways in which routine dental cleanings keep your gums healthy.

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1. Removes Tartar and Plaque

Dental cleanings are performed by an experienced dental hygienist. The buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth and gums is removed with professional tools. This step is key because one of the biggest causes of gum disease is the buildup of tartar and plaque.

Plaque forms on the teeth as a sticky film of bacteria. Tartar is plaque that has hardened and needs to be removed with professional dental tools. Ensuring that tartar and plaque are completely removed prevents gum disease from developing or progressing. Studies have suggested that routine dental cleanings can decrease the risk of gum disease by approximately 50 percent.

2. Helps to Detect Early Signs of Gum Disease

Routine dental cleanings not only remove tartar and plaque but also help detect the early signs of gum disease. During your dental cleaning, the hygienist carefully examines your gums to see if there is any bleeding or inflammation. These could be signs of active gingivitis, which is the early stage of gum disease.

If dental professionals detect gingivitis, they will provide you with an early intervention to prevent the condition from advancing to periodontitis. In this case, you may require additional cleanings, treatments to address bacterial growth, and other therapies that help the gums recover.

3. Provides an Opportunity for Guidance and Education

In addition to examining and treating the teeth and gums, routine dental cleanings are also an opportunity to receive guidance and education. Dental professionals take this opportunity to assess your oral habits and cleaning techniques. If necessary, the hygienist is able to demonstrate proper techniques for brushing and flossing.

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During the visit, you may also receive recommendations for oral hygiene products that can help you stay healthy. It is crucial to empower patients with the skills and knowledge they need to maintain excellent oral health. Routine dental cleanings are an important part of achieving and maintaining long-term oral health.

At Carolina Arts, our dental professionals can suggest the type of toothpaste that may be best for you. Some brands have special ingredients that help improve gum health. We can also recommend the best types of floss for your particular teeth. Some patients have a tight or wide spacing of their teeth. There are also various types of oral irrigators that we may find useful for your case.

Finally, our dental team also knows what mouthwash brands contain antibacterial agents specially formulated for gum disease. We use a customized approach with each patient and provide a treatment plan that is the most suitable for every case. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to carry out the best oral health routine at home. With accurate guidance and consistent habits, you can keep your gums and overall health in excellent condition.

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As you can see, dental cleanings accomplish more than polished teeth. They are a vital component of your regular dental maintenance. Gum health cannot be ignored because these important tissues form the foundation for healthy teeth. By continuing a routine dental cleaning schedule, you will ensure your mouth is free from the buildup of tartar and plaque.

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Dental cleanings are also an opportunity to detect early signs of gum disease and receive tips on how to keep your mouth healthy. Remember, gum disease not only affects your mouth but can also cause serious health conditions.

At Carolina Dental Arts in Raleigh, our professional team performs in-depth dental exams and cleanings. We guide you in practicing preventive care to ensure you achieve and maintain excellent oral health. Although each patient is unique, we generally recommend biannual checkups.

We proudly serve Raleigh, New Bern Ave, Goldsboro, Durham, and surrounding areas. Call Carolina Dental Arts today to schedule your next dental cleaning!

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