Cary Dentists Give Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth White

Cary Dentists Give Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth White

No matter how hard you brush your teeth or try to floss them, you are still bound to end up with some form of teeth discoloration. The loss of that signature whiteness can be attributed to a lot of things. For some, aging plays a role, while, for others, it can be due to their intake of certain food items. Even strong medications, such as antibiotics, have been known to contribute to teeth discoloration. Fortunately, there are some basic teeth whitening tips that can be followed in order to keep those teeth as sparkly white as possible. The following tips will help you keep your teeth white!

Cary Dentists Give Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth WhiteBasic Tips

Dentists in Cary suggest following these tips in order to keep your teeth white:

  • Use teeth whitening products such as specialized toothpaste to remove superficial staining.
  • Foods that cause discoloration must be avoided. Some of these foods include coffee, tea, and certain strong drinks.
  • One of the greatest contributors to teeth discoloration is tobacco, so if you’re a smoker or tobacco chewer, you need to quit it.

For Stubborn Stains

If none of the above methods help, then you might have to visit a dentist. The dentists in Cary, NC can help you out. When it comes to stubborn teeth stains, only a dentist’s professional treatment can have the needed effect.

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