Do Soft Drinks Harm Your Dental Health?

Do Soft Drinks Harm Your Dental Health? | Carolina Dental Arts

Your Dental Health is important. When was the last time you were outdoors, feeling tired and you decided to drink pure water to alleviate the feeling? Most people prefer soft drinks in situations like this. The alluring taste that soft drinks leave in your mouth is hard to resist. Though having soft drinks once in a while may not hurt you, having them on a daily basis can definitely harm you.

Do Soft Drinks Harm Your Dental Health? | Carolina Dental ArtsThe Face Of Soft Drinks That You Don’t See

The major factors that cause dental erosion are inherent acids and sugars having acidogenic and cariogenic potential. Most soft drinks come with these chemicals. Also, over the year’s many studies have shown the relationship between caries and dental erosion.  Some non-diet soft drinks contain as many as 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving. The risk of tooth decay is aggravated by such amounts of sugar.

Most soft drinks contain phosphoric acid and citric acid. Also, they wear away the enamel of the teeth to great extents. Most soft drinks comprise of chemicals like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, artificial flavors containing traces of MSG and caffeine stimulates. All these chemicals are capable of inflicting considerable damage on the teeth and enamel.

For all your dental issues, visit a dentist in Cary today to get yourself checked for healthier and white teeth. Before you crack open a soda think about your dental health.

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