Dental Implants Procedure

Dental Implants Procedure | Carolina Dental Arts | North Carolina

Dental Implants Procedure | Carolina Dental Arts | North CarolinaA dental implant is a treatment method for providing a good foundation for permanent teeth or replacement for your removable tooth so that it matches your original tooth. There may be variations in the dental implants’ success rate as it depending on the location of the jaw where the implants the position. But, generally speaking, dental implants have up to 98 percent success rate. If you take care of them properly, such implants can last for your entire lifetime.

Very often, dental implant surgery takes place at a dental clinic. Occasionally, they may also be at a hospital. Usually, local anesthesia is for such an out-patient procedure. An adjunctive surgical procedure like bone augmentation can be done as a separate procedure or simultaneously with an implant replacement by your dental surgeon.

Staged Dental Implants Procedure

This is the most popular form of conducting a dental implant procedure. In the first stage, the surgical implantation of the implant takes place. The implant is flush with the bone and underneath your gum. This is to replace your tooth root. During the second stage, the dentist verifies proper implantation of the implant. Your dentist in Cary will allow sometime for the gum to heal and then form a collar or a cuff that is used by him to get access to the implant made. The final phase involves positioning the prosthetic teeth or tooth.

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