Effect of Menopause on Tooth and Gums

Effect of Menopause on Tooth and Gums | Carolina Dental Arts

Effect of Menopause on Tooth and Gums | Carolina Dental ArtsEffect of Menopause on Tooth and Gums

The hormone levels in a woman’s body undergo drastic changes. This can affect her gums and the other tissues that are located nearby. It also has an effect on the surrounding tissues whose function is to support the teeth. There are changes in the hormonal level due to menopause. These changes have an adverse effect on the woman’s gum health in a more permanent form than changes in hormones. Also, they take place during pregnancy, menstruation or puberty.

Studies prove that there are some living tissues surrounding your tooth and also including the gums that need to function together so that your teeth remain in healthy condition. As a woman passes through the menopause stage, she needs to be more concerned about the various transformations that originate from her jaw bone itself.

In a human body, there are bone cells spread across the body. However, they need to be continuously replaced so that the bone structure can be replenished. In a similar manner, changes in hormones can disrupt the balance between remodeling of new bone cells and resporption of older bone cells. While remodeling is the process of building newer bone cells in a body, resporption is the decomposition of the old bone cells.

If you are going through menopause, it is crucial to ensure that periodontal diseases are avoided. It means that you should be careful to check the growth of oral plaque bacteria. Make sure that the cells in your mouth remain strong through proper supplementation and healthy nutrition. There should be a proper balance in your mouth environment. For more information on how to care for your dental health, consult your dentist in Cary.

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