Spooky Halloween Dental Facts to Give You Nightmares

October 30, 2022 by Chris Whitfield

Halloween Dental Facts

Everyone loves a spooky story at this time of year. We also hear a lot more about oral health as the fall and winter holidays draw near. So as Halloween approaches, Carolina Dental Arts has some spooky Halloween dental facts to share. But be forewarned, some of them are sure to cause you nightmares!

Nightmares about Teeth Falling Out Have Deep Meaning

Many of us have had nightmares about our teeth falling out. These dreams have wide ranging interpretations, according to PsychNewsDaily.com. Some of these meanings include:

  • A warning that you are not taking good care of your teeth
  • Self-doubt, anxiety, fear or vulnerability about something
  • Fear of not having power or “a voice” in a matter of importance
  • Insecurity about your appearance
  • You feel your life is unstable or lacks security

If none of the above explanations seem to relate to your oral health nightmares, maybe you just indulged too much in candy treats and fear Halloween dental problems. One of the best ways to overcome this fear is to ensure you brush your teeth and floss after eating sugary snacks.

Some Halloween Candy Has the Same Acidity As Battery Acid

Do you love sour candies? If you hope for Sour Patch Kids, sour gummies or other sour tasting candy in your trick-or-treat haul, you might want to consider how these confections affect your tooth enamel. In terms of pH level, water ranks at a pH of 7. pH of 4 or lower starts to erode tooth enamel. Sour candies range from about 3 to 1.6 pH, only slightly higher than battery acid pH of 1! Before you savor more of these mouth-watering goodies, consider the Halloween dental problems you might suffer later.

Mountain Dew Mouth Looks a Lot Like Meth Mouth

You have likely seen images on the web of how illicit drugs like meth and crack affect oral health. But did you know that drinking too much sugary soda causes similar damage? This condition of soda-related tooth decay is so common in the Appalachian Mountains that dentists gave it a special name. Just like Meth Mouth, Mountain Dew Mouth leads to visible dental damage and tooth loss. If you drink too many sugary beverages, you could have the smile of a Halloween dental icon, the Jack O’lantern!

Most Americans Only Brush Their Teeth for Half As Long As They Should

Dentists frequently remind patients that it is important to brush teeth for at least two minutes twice daily. But it is certainly a Halloween dental nightmare that most Americans brush for less than half of this minimum time! This is likely one contributing factor in the reality that 25% of American adults aged 65 and over have lost all of their teeth. If you brush twice daily for two minutes and floss each day, you have a much better chance of keeping all of your teeth throughout your lifetime.

Less Than Half of U.S. Kids Brush Their Teeth Twice Daily

Just like most Americans brush their teeth for less than half as long as they should, less than half of U.S. kids brush twice daily. This makes it even more important for parents to remind kids of Halloween dental tips, such as brushing for two minutes and flossing after eating sugary treats. In fact, Halloween is a great time to focus as much on oral health as on trick-or-treating.

Kissing a Donkey Was Once a Toothache Cure

According to an article in the British Dental Journal, German legend from the Middle Ages claimed that the best cure for a toothache was kissing a donkey. Of course today, we know that a dentist offers the best treatment for any oral health problem. In fact, visiting the dentist twice yearly as you should can prevent toothaches, in the first place.

A Baby Born, A Tooth Lost

A popular old wives’ tale claims that for every baby a woman has, she loses a tooth. While this sounds like pure mythology, there is actually some truth to it. Pregnant women experience greater vulnerability to gingivitis and gum disease. Left untreated, these conditions can quickly become the stuff of Halloween dental folklore, causing tooth loss and other oral health problems.

Poor Oral Health Can Cause a Brain Infection

Zombies are especially popular creatures at this spooky time of year. According to folklore, they have terrible oral health issues and a hunger for brains. But did you know that your oral health can impact your brain? It’s true. Leaving an oral abscess untreated for too long can allow this infection to travel to other parts of your body, such as your brain.

Whether you have Halloween dental problems, Thanksgiving dental pain, a Christmas toothache or oral health issues on any other day of the year, call your emergency dentist. Carolina Dental Arts offers emergency dental services to help you avoid bigger health problems.

Avoid Halloween Dental Problems through a Routine Dental Exam

Fall is the perfect time of year to schedule your routine dental exam and professional teeth cleaning. By visiting your dentist twice yearly, you can avoid many scary oral health problems, like those we explored above. With locations in Goldsboro, Raleigh and Durham, Carolina Dental Arts conveniently serves individuals and families throughout the Triangle Area. Schedule your next visit today to prevent your own Halloween dental nightmares.

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