Tips for Tongue Hygiene

Tips for Tongue Hygiene | Carolina Dental Arts | North Carolina

Tips for Tongue Hygiene

Tips for Tongue Hygiene | Carolina Dental Arts | North CarolinaAccording to many dental experts in Holy Springs, the condition of your tongue has a great role to play in maintaining proper oral hygiene and also tells your health status. In fact, many dentists say that maintaining proper tongue hygiene is as important as brushing your teeth regularly. But cleaning your tongue once in a while is not adequate for its good tongue hygiene.

Check out these easy tips for maintaining proper tongue hygiene.

  • Your tongue should be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent bacteria from multiplying inside your mouth. There are special brushes that are designed for tongue hygiene and you can use them. Alternatively, you can use toothbrushes with an attachment on its opposite side. Make sure that you avoid using the brush’s front part for cleaning your tongue as it is used for brushing your teeth.
  • A second technique of cleaning your tongue is to scrape it thoroughly with a scrapper or a tongue-cleaner. Excessive pressure should not be used while scraping. The downward motion should be used while scraping your tongue for a minimum of 2 to 3 times. When two much pressure is applied, your tongue may get hurt.
  • Prior to scraping, it is also good to use your toothpaste and make a layer with it on your tongue. The use of toothpaste can neutralize bacteria present on your tongue and aids in removing them easily.
  • After you complete scraping, use water and rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  • Occasional use of mouthwash after completing scraping is good for your tongue’s hygiene. Use of mouthwash ensures the removal of bad odor that is caused due to the accumulation of bacteria on your tongue.
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