Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for Me?

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for Me? | Carolina Dental Arts

Professional Teeth Whitening

Before you know it, summer will be here. Whether you are hitting the beach or going on a roadtrip with friends, feel confident about your smile and visit Carolina Dental Arts for professional teeth whitening.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for Me? | Carolina Dental ArtsIs Professional Teeth Whitening Right for Me?

Our dental offices specialize in Zoom teeth whitening, a one-hour whitening procedure that produces immediate results. How do you know if this teeth whitening option is right for you? Zoom teeth whitening works best on teeth that have been discolored due to:

  • Highly colored foods, such as apples and potatoes
  • Dark beverages, such as tea, coffee, soda, and red wine
  • Aging
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Mouthwashes that contain chlorhexidine or cetylpyridinium chloride

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are not guaranteed to correct yellowed teeth. In fact, they can actually harm your teeth, due to the harsh substances that can damage your enamel. Don’t risk hurting your teeth with whitening toothpastes or strips — visit one of our dentists today.

Guaranteed to Give You a Brighter Smile in Less Than One Hour

Not only will you walk out of our dental office with a whiter smile the same day as your appointment, but we can guarantee that your teeth will be six to 10 shades brighter. You will feel confident as ever tackling whatever comes your way this summer.

Schedule an appointment with one of our NC dentists to find out more about professional teeth whitening and how it can improve your life and reduce your stress in just one hour.

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