Options to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Options to Replace Your Missing Teeth | Carolina Dental Arts

Options to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Everyone deserves to have a smile that they’re proud of. And everyone deserves to have good dental care. If you have missing teeth, you might run into multiple problems. It can be harder to chew, prevent cavities, and take care of your remaining teeth. Some people also get embarrassed by having a visibly missing tooth when they smile.

There are several different ways to replace a missing tooth, many of which are cost effective. Here at Carolina Dental Arts, we serve clients all over North Carolina. You can schedule a consult at our practices in Raleigh, Durham, or Goldsboro to find out about options for your missing teeth.

Some of the options available to you might include:

Options to Replace Your Missing Teeth | Carolina Dental ArtsDental Implants

Dental implants are a great option to replace your missing teeth. They’re extremely popular because of their reliability and comfort. Whether you need to replace just one tooth or several, a dental implant can make your life easier.

One major advantage of dental implants is that they can last for life. Just make sure you take care of them.

Dental implants can take some time to place. First your dentist will place metal screws where the root used to be. These will anchor the artificial tooth. After placing the screws, you have to let them heal for a few months.

Once they’re fully healed, the screws fuse to your jawbone. They won’t come loose or become damaged. At this point, you can have a crown put on top of the tooth.

Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge works best when you have several missing teeth next to each other. This goes especially for people who believe that dental implants will take too much time to use.

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With this type of bridge, the tooth on either end will be secured using an implant. But any teeth in between won’t have any screws holding them in place. The ends of the bridge are secured well enough for the teeth to last for life.

The advantage of this is that it can be simpler and less uncomfortable than getting individual implants. That goes especially for people with 4 or more teeth missing next to each other.

Of course, this type of bridge only works if you have more than two teeth missing next to each other.

Tooth-Supported Bridge

Tooth-supported bridges are bridges for your missing teeth that are not supported with implants. Instead, the remaining teeth on each side support the bridge.

Your dentist will put a crown over the remaining teeth on both sides of the bridge. The bridge will be attached to either side. That way, you don’t need to wait months for implants to fuse to your bone.

In fact, this is one of the quickest available procedures. You’ll be done within a couple visits. There’s no need for surgery, and it tends to be affordable.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that cleaning your teeth is vital. Sometimes food particles and plaque can slide under the bridge. If you don’t clean your teeth rigorously, you might have an increased risk of potential infection.

Partial Dentures

If you don’t want to have your missing teeth permanently replaced, you might consider removable dentures. You’ve probably heard of dentures for people who have lost all their teeth. But did you know that you can have custom dentures made for just a couple missing teeth?

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When you put the dentures in, there are clasps that hold them in place. This keeps the artificial teeth in the right places. You get an improved bite and smile without any invasive procedures.

Dentures are also easy to modify in case of future tooth loss. And they can be easily repaired and replaced when need be.

The biggest drawback of this option is that you’ll need to take the dentures out and clean them every day. Some people don’t like having to do that much maintenance. Dentures also have visible metal clasps, which implants lack.


One of the most affordable options for replacing your missing teeth is to use a flipper. Flippers are temporary dentures that can “flip” into position. You don’t need to secure it with your remaining teeth. It is also less visible than traditional dentures since there aren’t metal clasps.

This is a super inexpensive and non-invasive means of replacing your teeth. It is also more lightweight, and some people say it’s more comfortable than traditional dentures.

However, you should be aware that flippers are meant to be temporary. While they work great on a temporary basis, you should have plans for a more permanent solution.

Final Thoughts

Missing teeth don’t have to be an embarrassing or painful experience. No matter your budget or situation, there are ways to replace the teeth and restore your bite. Not only does this improve your smile, but it can also help prevent further tooth loss. Are you ready to see what a dental implant can do your smile? Contact the team at Carolina Dental Arts to schedule an appointment today. Carolina Dental Arts offers exceptional dental procedures in North Carolina at our locations across the state, including Glenwood South, Goldsboro and New Bern Ave.

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